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The mount is the border that surrounds your picture within the frame and is a key element in the presentation and protection of your artwork. There are hundreds of colours and surface finishes to choose from and we will help you select the best option to suit your work.

Not only are the proportions in relation to your work very important, i.e. if the mount is too narrow it can squeeze the picture and if too wide it can swamp it, the colour is just as vital and it can be used to highlight a certain colour within the picture. If the wrong colour is chosen it can make the work look dull.

The other main benefit of the mount is that it provides protection by keeping your artwork away from the glass. It should always consist of a window and an undermount of the same quality board and the artwork should always be attached to the undermount using water-based hinges.

If you are positive that you don't want to have your work with a window mount we will always fit internal spacers to keep your work away from the glass, but we will always advise the best option.

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The quality and colour of the mountboard you choose will make all the difference to the look and the protection level it provides to your artwork.

We use only high-quality conservation or museum board. If a window mount is required it will always be backed with an undermount of the same quality board and your work is always attached to the undermount not the window mount, using water-gummed tapes and never self-adhesive.

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